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‘Don’t mention the war’ – it’s an Order

The immortal words of Basil Fawlty in relation to his German guests at the hotel must have echoed round all our minds as six days of proceedings in a certain notorious case came to an end today at Blackfriars Crown Court London. Although the two defendants in the case have been found Not Guilty on all...
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Save the Hampstead 2 and the Enfield 6 (3)

BATTLEFRONT: Blackfriars Crown Court, London SE1 - SE1 is Moneyland London! Children are Money! Child-Stealing and Trafficking are a big UK industry! Many profit and line their own pockets from this shameful trade even if they are not themselves abusers. Our fight is against this penumbra of 'systemic supporters' (I had to discontinue this blog-post at this promisingly...
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Fight to save the Hampstead Two and the Enfield Six!

The 'Hampstead Two' and 'the Enfield Six' are all CHILDREN, from two different families with no connection to each other except that they all formerly resided in respectively the London Boroughs of Barnet and Enfield. All eight are brilliant but have had the misfortune to have suffered from a combination of abusive fathers and the...
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